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Ready to take the dive?
Looking for beefier straps? Look no further!
RIOS 1931
Fine crafted quality leather straps that bring your watch to an all new level.
Urbanizing camouflage.
Customer Reviews
Ioannis John Papailiadis

Great quality! Beautiful!

18 November 2022
Ioannis John Papailiadis

This watch sang to me in the same way a vintage Tudor chrono does, and I'm so happy I decided to pull the trigger and get one. The dial makes it really shine, and it's really the finishing all around, like the brushed hands, or the white paint on the sub dial hands to make them easier to read, that stands out. Little important details like that always impress me. Feels great on my large wrist. And by the way, the bracelet comes with enough links to fit a gorilla. Since it's a chrono with 200m water resistance, this a Le Jour that can be worn "tous les jours". The service from wristsolution.com was outstanding. Very good experience.

18 November 2022
Danny Choong

Great & trusted seller with very fast service! The strap is of good quality and definitely worth its price.

29 June 2022

love the retro'ish look of this baby, fits my personality like a gem!

9 June 2022

bought this watch for my hubby's birthday present, he absolutely loved it! :*

5 June 2022